Beloved,the very kingdom of God is established upon relationships.

Jesus Himself spoke about us being one with Him in the same way as He is one with the Father.In His high priestly prayer Jesus prayed about his followers down the ages being one.We know from the well known Psalm that unity not only increases the flow ofanointing it also carries with it a commanded blessing.

Relationships are therefore of paramount importance.We have a ‘ministry of reconciliation’ given to us.In a very real way at the altar we are told to lay everything down until we make things right relationally.

It really cannot be emphasised strongly enough how important to the gathering move of God relationships are.

We should be diligently determined to build,maintain and sustain lasting relationships of genuine koinonia fellowship.That takes time,effort,candour,grace and transparency.It also requires both honour and integrity.


REALLY READY ? (A Prophetic Word)

Beloved,recently I was speaking at a City Centre Gathering about Revival.

The Lord had laid upon my heart something of His eager enthusiasm for a ‘new thing’ with a ‘new wineskin’ in a ‘new way with renewed people.’

He impressed upon me four significant hindrances which He desired to set His people free from in order to move forward with zeal.The restrictions He identified were these: Distractions.Delays.Disillusionment and Disappointment.These would sap energy and deny focus.There is ‘an anointing to destroy the yoke’ of these pesky intrusions to enable His people ‘called by His Name’ to ardently ‘seek first His Kingdom,’ and a ‘great grace’ to empower progress.

Then we can be really ready for the unfolding move of God.


Beloved,revival has started,slowly but surely.It is not meant to look anything like past move of God

This is the major and massive one that will gather momentum and impetus steadily.Already there are hubs emerging across regions.There are very real pockets of fire.Networks of glory carriers.Their one desire is for the very presence of the Father.

They are determined to be intercessors and worshippers.Their evangelism flows out of the love that they have for God.

Their gatherings have no programme nor agenda beyond seeking what is burning in the Fathers heart and in the flaming eyes of Jesus and the freedom discovered in Holy Spirit.This is a vibrant new wine.It fully flows.

This is the revival wherein everyone is invited to participate.To grow and to glow.To celebrate creativity.To extend the kingdom relationally.

NOW NEW (A Prophetic Word)

Beloved,we have increased the number and frequency of our gatherings simply in response to opportunity

We have walked through the double doors of previous prophetic insights.There has literally been an ‘Elisha anointing’ We have also received a series of messages from seasoned prophets talking about ‘new pioneering.’ and the inevitable changes that both ‘new’ and ‘pioneering’ bring.

What we have found in profundity and abundance recently has been new connections alongside old connections renewed and this Holy Spirit activity has been very fascinating indeed.There has been both a ‘readying’ and a preparation in anticipation of the ‘new things’

We have experienced the paradox of excitement and trepidation in equal measure.

What has been wonderful is the way we are now beginning to walk into prophetic words given long ago which have begun to take on a whole new resonance now

Now is the new.And the new is now.My we embrace the changes.

AN AMEN (A Prophetic Word)

Beloved,I have been talking recently with a lot of Team Leaders

What became swiftly evident was just how small their teams actually were given the enormity of the vision that they carry.It seems they all had an element of the Gideon about them.I deliberately set aside a day to pray into this.It took only a moment! The Lord was instantly on the scene.He took me into a vision where David had five smooth stones but needed only one.Then He led me pictorially to New Testament miracles such as the Wedding at Cana and the feeding of the 5,000.

His conclusion was simple, it was never the need for numbers it was the submission to purpose.In fact of course,the smaller the numerics the greater the miracle,the greater the faith and encouragement and the greater the testimony and the glory to God.

Then in the stillness of His Presence the Lord spoke into my spirit ‘Son,I am not asking you to analyse it or try and work it all out when a simple straightforward Amen will suffice.’

We simply obey and leave the multiplication to Him !!!


Beloved,we are all aware that grace is a wonderful thing expressed in many ways

From general grace to saving grace to sustaining grace to enabling grace to empowering grace to the ‘great grace,’ alluded to in the Book of Acts

Grace is also closely connected to favour.One thing that I have noticed down the years is the ministry of reconciliation that flows through a gracious attitude.We have so many opportunities to express graciousness.

There is always exponential growth when grace is fully expressed.It is not always easy in the natural,but we have a Heavenly Father who exudes grace and downloads it liberally.Grace equates to growth in so many ways and aspects and that gracious word may well bring peace to many a situation and circumstance.


Beloved,there has been a lot of heavy rain in England this past week.

God impressed upon me that this was a natural indication of what the Lord was doing spiritually.He was about to ‘deluge’ an outpouring.

He showed me that many had gone through great opposition to their vision.The task had seemed daunting to them.However,He impressed upon me that ‘times of refreshing’ were now at hand to both refresh and revitalise those tired and tried eyes of understanding.

New enthusiasm will break forth.There will come a breakthrough where there had been most opposition to the vision.Hearts will soften and tenderise.There will be a season of great favour and increase.