Beloved,there is a distinct spiritual awareness than causes us to sense when God is about to do something immense.
There is a deep inner anticipation.There is an amazing congressence and confluence.We may never be aware of all of the minutiae of detail,but as we respond in obedient expectation we have a growing sense of excitement.
There is an acute inner knowing.And the culmination of all of the preparation is most certainly about to come to pass.
Beloved this is the momentous moment to seize the initiative and step forward.



Beloved,we had a wonderful time in the Bristol and Bath area recently.
On the Sunday Morning the Lord prompted me to speak about Caleb claiming his long prophesied mountain.
This led to an amazing co- missioning.of people being united in mission and being anointed in a coronation acknowledging that they were moving from assignment to destiny for ‘such a time as this.’
It was all the more awesome because many were meeting one another for the very first time.
This syncroniciy is occurring more and more as we traverse the Country.

This is happening with ever increasing frequency accompanied by creative miracles.


Beloved,sometimes we have to decide to be decisive.

Sometimes the zeal may dissipate and the drudgery seem intense.The road may seem barren and desolate but we have ‘hinds feet for high places of difficulty.’

And it is well known that we learn little and develop less in times when the progress is easy.Challenges,it seems,always produce the most experience and character formation.

Many start with good intentions but God requires steadfast finishers.

Intentional Christianity produces those who will persevere,endure storms and never ever quit.They adhere to their assignment at all cost. 


Beloved,It is very significant where the verse ‘The Joy of the Lord is your strength,’ is located.

Nehemiah was a highly regarded,honoured and favoured cup bearer to the King.He was required to lay down his life if needed.

He undertook a tremendous obligation to repair and restore a City in spite of concerted opposition.This was not about Nehemiah promoting his own agenda.It was an adventure in diligent,focused,obedience.He simply would not be deterred.

And as the king knew the trustworthiness and steadfast selflessness and steadfastness of Nehemiah,so too,even more so did his Heavenly Father.

Beloved the ‘Joy of the Lord,’ is found in the midst of our assignment.The kingdom is ‘righteousness,peace and joy,in Holy Spirit.’

Once we are in alignment with our assignment the deep strengthening of that ‘joy unspeakable yet full of glory,’ will be palpable.

Our assignment is part of our destiny.


Beloved,this is a word impressed upon me by Holy Spirit for those prepared to be abandoned risk takers.

To be surrounded by the supernatural in this season all that is required is to step forward into it.The step needs to be taken without hesitation or backward glance.It is a step of advance into the ‘new things’ of the Father.

It is not a time for doubtful deliberations and it will involve cost.

Will we give it all for the One who gave His all for us.Will we endure the hardship,the misunderstanding and the opposition to breakthrough into the new realms Father has for us.

The days ahead will be ‘Days of Awe’ when the supernatural will be remarkably evident.

We need to take that huge step of faith,trust and obedience into amazing promise and destiny.


Beloved,I have been sharing a lot recently about a profound encounter with God.

Having sensed that He was leading me to take a giant step of faith,I began trying to ‘reason together’ with Him.He reminded me that I had in fact long ago prophesied whatHe wanted me now to move into.

I knew that no amount of excuses were going to make the slightest bit of difference and that every weakness was perceived in the light of His ‘all sufficient’ grace as strength.

In the very midst of my reasoning doubts the Lord impressed upon me that He would really like a simple ‘Yes and Amen’ from me whether He chose to give a full explanation or not.

Beloved,perhaps so often He just longs to hear our ‘Yes’


Beloved,we are living in epic and monumental days.

The Lord impressed upon my heart that these were ‘overwhelming’ days.The tide of Holy Spirit activation is overwhelming to those who go deeper.Gods love is overwhelming.His glorious grace is ‘all sufficient’

There is a fortified flood for those who will abandon themselves to the full flow.

This is certainly not a time for half heartedness or double mindedness.This is a time for overwhelming glory.There is a choice here.

We can hover hesitantly on the edges or we can take the plunge into everything that the Lord has for His people.

We will be out of our depth,but completely in Gods depths.It will not be comfortable but it will lead us into whole new realms of the Comforter.