Beloved,It is very significant where the verse ‘The Joy of the Lord is your strength,’ is located.

Nehemiah was a highly regarded,honoured and favoured cup bearer to the King.He was required to lay down his life if needed.

He undertook a tremendous obligation to repair and restore a City in spite of concerted opposition.This was not about Nehemiah promoting his own agenda.It was an adventure in diligent,focused,obedience.He simply would not be deterred.

And as the king knew the trustworthiness and steadfast selflessness and steadfastness of Nehemiah,so too,even more so did his Heavenly Father.

Beloved the ‘Joy of the Lord,’ is found in the midst of our assignment.The kingdom is ‘righteousness,peace and joy,in Holy Spirit.’

Once we are in alignment with our assignment the deep strengthening of that ‘joy unspeakable yet full of glory,’ will be palpable.

Our assignment is part of our destiny.


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